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Got Your Attention?...
Got Your Attention?...

Public domain clip art and photos of all things military

Fortify your documents with the contents of this library


Full Provisions

Give your websites and documents a fighting advantage with this high ranking collection of military clip art courtesy of the Fort Sill Army base in Oklahoma.  It's fairly comprehensive, with sections for branch insignia, crests and patches, flags, logos, military symbols, posters, rank, and ribbons.

File Specs

Some of the sections are combinations of both clip art and photographs, such as aircraft, equipment, people, ships, and weapons.  The clip art items are windows meta file format (WMF), while the photos are either JPEG's or GIF's.  For the adventurous, there are even a few video clips you can download.  Get to it, soldier!

Military ClipArt Library

·  A collection of hundreds of public domain art, travel, and educational posters
·  Public domain song recordings and photos of the Omaha Indians
·  Public domain maps of all ages, places, types, and purposes
·  Public domain recordings and images from the American South
·  Photographic public domain images of the American experience from 1935 to 1945