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Art appreciation
Art appreciation

A huge collection of some of the greatest public domain art in history

The best source for sampling the fine art of the masters


Experience Artistic Greatness

This smorgasbord for art lovers has an impressive range of the masterpieces of art, easily accessible by artist and by historical and/or stylistic period.  There is also an amazing breadth of background information, with biographies of the artists, descriptions of reference works, and lots of links for further information.  Locate the works using either the various categories on the main page or through the alphabetical index in the left navigation panel. 

Public domain art
Public domain art

Clearly Documented

Most of the great images here are in the public domain, but because this site strives to cover such a full range of artists and periods, more contemporary works which are still under copyright are also included.  All the works are fully documented though, so see the 'Image Use' link near the bottom for guidelines.  This is art at its finest! 

Mark Harden's Artchive

·  Avail yourself of these public domain animated images with a buccaneer theme
·  The water's fine with this collection of public domain shark clip art
·  A large repository of public domain pictures for the adventurous
·  Excellent photos and some psychedelic art placed in the public domain
·  Relive the early days of computers with some public domain ASCII art